Thursday, May 7, 2009

CD Release, New Reviews, and a WOSU Spot!

CD Release time is here and we can't wait to share the new music in a live setting. Tomorrow night will be a special night for us. The new album is finally seeing the light of day and we're going to be performing some songs for the first time. We've also invited Sean Gardner (Melty Melty, Winter Makes Sailors) to add guitar, keyboard, and percussion for the occasion. This is a first for us and we're terribly excited. Also, this week The Other Paper and Columbus Alive published reviews of "Length of Arms" and WOSU is currently running a segment on the award winning "Visitor" video. You can check it all out here...

The Other Paper
Columbus Alive
WOSU Feature

Last, but not least, we're featured on PatRadio's podcast this week... Podcast

Hope to see everyone tomorrow night!

-Jesse & Casey

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Anonymous said...

When will the CD be available nationally if we cannot make it to the show(s)?