Thursday, September 4, 2008

We have an album title!

So it's getting near crunch time for getting this album done.  We've been stirring over album titles for the last few weeks and have finally decided on "Length of Arms".  It'll also be the title of one of the songs on the album.  The search for album artwork has also begun.
Casey has started recording his vocal tracks, a process that can be extremely stressful (nothing a couple sips of red wine can't fix!).  After auditioning a handful of microphones, we decided on two different ones to group together, presenting both clarity and a rich vintage tone.  The sounds have been amazing.  Once the vocals are done we're left with just a few finishing touches.

1 comment:

Jim Dean said...

Great title. Visitor, Castles In The Air and Skin and Bone make me excited about the new album and Lenght of Arms reminds me of how great your first album is.

Also hope you do some new shirts or more of the first ones though my first one is a size Cooper and im a size pudding. So more pudding sizes maybe.